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This TotalMD review covers all medical billing software features and demonstrates how it is comparable to using Medisoft. In fact, throughout this software review, we compare the two products because they are so similar. Some of TotalMD's advantages include: web-based availability, great technical support, integration with other products, seamless integration with Gateway EDI, and FREE data conversion from Medisoft and Lytec.

One of the things I liked right off the bat is its built-in integration with other products like Encoder Pro medical coding software and popular EHR products like SOAPware, Amazing Charts, Praxis, and SpringCharts.

Because I am always looking for cost effective practice management software for my clients, we are using it for our clients that want a low-cost web-based solution. Read this TotalMD review to find out how it performs.

Hardware costs are always an important consideration so be sure to review the TotalMD system requirements.

Graphic User Interface or GUI - This refers to the look and feel of the software; the fonts, arrangements of the data on the screen and command buttons, etc. TotalMD has a great interface that is easy to read and intuitive. Take a look at the screenshots of the scheduler and transaction entry.

Patient Scheduler - TotalMD comes with a built in intuitive scheduler. It offers multiple views by provider, weekly and monthly views, appointments can be color coded by reason. Providers can each have there own time intervals. Patients can be easily checked in and superbills printed. Patients can be notified of appointments by email, a great feature that practices love. Patient labels can be printed from the scheduler window and the appointment list includes appointment notes and can be customized if needed.
You can see all providers at once but varied time intervals cannot be displayed. Copayments can be entered but receipts cannot be printed directly from the scheduler window. You can, however, access the ledger with one click although it is a few more steps to print a copay receipt. There is a Patient Recall feature but it is not integrated with the scheduler which is a nice to have.

Demographics/Support Files/Insurance Entry - Demographic entry is enhanced through the use of default settings. TotalMD stores history on insurance and varied billing scenarios similar to Medisoft. You can store a patient photo, view appointment, prescription history and list of family members in demographics.
There is no self populating zip code feature.

Transaction Entry is very similar to Medisoft but I like it better. The data entry screen also functions as the ledger because the payments and adjustments are listed under the charges in different colors. One great feature is that claims can be reprinted right from within the ledger. Unapplied patient payments are clearly visible in red at the top of the window and they can be applied across cases which is something you cannot do in Medisoft. Information can also be added "on the fly".

Claims Processing uses a Claims Manager with a design similar to Medisoft. Claims can be identified, sorted, and manipulated in a variety of ways. Electronic claims can be sent electronically through any clearinghouse. A claim can be opened to display the CMS form which can be edited, printed, faxed, or exported to file. Very nice feature. You can also update the insurance carrier very easily without deleting the claim which is helpful for timely filing.
TotalMD is not fully integrated with any particular clearinghouse so EDI reports are not available within the program. You must go online to the clearinghouse to see reports but you can access the website easily from within the Claims Manager window.

Electronic Remittance Processing - Electronic remittance 835 files can be downloaded and easily posted in TotalMD from any clearinghouse with an 835 file format.

Deposit Entry/Insurance Payment Application - Daily deposits are easy to reconcile. You can print deposit lists for balancing and attach them to your bank deposit. Insurance checks are applied on just one screen which includes payment, adjustment, deductible, takeback, and a place for statement notes. If a secondary claim is pending, the system will prompt you to print the claim.

Statements can be either standard and remainder and the templates are completely customizable. One thing I like is that you can print a statement with a negative balance, which is something you can no longer do in Medisoft.

Collections - TotalMD has no automated Collections List with the ability to assign work by user. Collections are worked from Aging Reports.

Reports - are completely customizable and on par with Medisoft. You can set favorite reports and run them from the main splash screen.
The report designer is complex. There are tutorials, however they do not explain everything. Unless you are familiar with report designers, you may have difficulty with complex modifications. If you need help, we will be happy to customize reports for you.

Security - is an easy-to-set-up feature that gives the administrator the ability to control user access to add, edit, or delete records, run reports, and limit access to various parts of the program. You can run production reports by user, check the audit trail, or verify user entry in order to see what is really happening with the office.

Accounting - TotalMD has "real time" processing and does not have a "day close" or batch processing feature. Please refer to the Medisoft review for a discussion on the impact of real time processing and how it will affect your practice or billing service.

Integration with EHR and other products is very good. TotalMD has built in HL7 connectivity to several electronic health records systems. It also integrates with Encoder Pro which is an excellent medical coding software. In addition, for practices that want a simple EHR program, TotalMD offers a very reasonably priced and easy to use Document Center.

System Performance/Technical Issues - TotalMD is easy to install, setup and use. The software requires little support once set up. We have found no data corruption issues. There are NO required upgrades and all versions are supported. The company offers free support for the first 30 days. (This does not include training). Purchased support is by the hour at reasonable rates. There are no long hold times for telephone support.
Transaction entry needs a little work in order to make it mouse free. I found a few little glitches with screen refreshes but nothing insurmountable.

I hope this TotalMD review has been helpful. It's simple design is very similar to Medisoft. TotalMD has great features, is intuitive and easy to use. It excels in several areas: insurance eligibility integration in the patient scheduler, ERA posting, coding integration with Encoder Pro, and an 837 claims module. It is well priced, has very good technical support, and a free conversion from Medisoft. In addition, the programming staff is ready and willing to add requested features.

On the down side, there are some features it doesn't have including a automatic collections Work List and cycle billing on statements, however, statement enhancements are forthcoming. Also, there are a few places that require shortcut keys instead of mouse clicks to improve the data entry. But I am confident that these issues will be addressed as the product matures.

You can visit the TotalMD website for detailed product information and price list. Make your purchase of TotalMD Advanced through us, and we will give you give you a discount on software plus one hour of FREE training.

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