How To Do Medical Billing

I receive inquiries every day from people that ask me how to do medical billing. This is not surprising because a medical billing service is a great home business. Despite what you might think, you don't have to spend a fortune to get started.

Medical billing isn't particularly difficult, however, it can be daunting if you've never done it before. That's why I've written a comprehensive ebook with step by step instructions, marketing material, and templates and documents to get you started.

Download Your Medical Billing Home Business Starter Kit Now!

Medical Billing Home Business Starter Kit Reg price: $69.00
Introductory offer: $49.00

Step By Step Instructions

  • Legal and accounting information to get your business started
  • Equipment and supplies you will need to start your business
  • Choosing medical billing software and some low cost options
  • Great ways to market your business including a sample postcard you can modify and use
  • Details about specialties you can bill without extensive education
  • How to calculate the rate to charge your client
  • What to include in your contract and a sample contract you can modify and use
  • Tips for getting started with your first client
  • An overview of how to do medical billing with sample forms

PlusPack of Templates and Documents

  • sample marketing postcard to help you obtain clients
  • sample practice questionaire to provide to your prospective clients

  • sample medical billing contract and statement of work
  • sample HIPAA Business Associate Agreement to provide your client when you start working
  • sample practice setup form to provide your client once you secure an account

Look like a professional.

Word documents that you can modify and give to your new clients:

  • sample patient demographic form
  • short HIPAA form

Sample Forms and Reports

To better understand how to do medical billing, I also provide you with the following sample forms and reports from the TotalMD software demonstration practice data:

  • Superbill.pdf
  • Claims.pdf
  • Day Sheet.pdf
  • Deposit Report
  • Patient Statement
  • Insurance Aging
  • Patient Aging

These reports and forms are standard that will improve your overall knowledge regardless of what software you use.

Download Your Medical Billing Home Business Starter Kit Now!

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Medical Billing Home Business Starter Kit Reg price: $69.00
Introductory offer: $49.00

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medical billing home business

Medical Billing Starter Kit

Download it now for just $49!
A step by step guide for new medical billers on a budget. Bonus material includes: sample marketing postcard, contract, and many forms you can modify and use.

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