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TotalMD TotalMD is a great alternative to Medisoft. We use the web-based version of TotalMD in our medical billing service for many of our 1-3 doctor practices and we love it. Also available in desktop versions, it's a great choice for small practices for three reasons:

Great price, great features, and great technical support

View this demonstration to see how this well priced and feature rich software can work for you.

Discounted prices that won't break your budget!

medical billing software discounts

TotalMD Software
5010 & ICD-10 Ready
Reg. Price Our Price
Online Version
TotalMD Advanced Online Info & Price Sheet
1 user (download form for multiple user pricing)
$99 $94*
Desktop Single User
TotalMD Essentials $199 $184
TotalMD Standard $499 $447
TotalMD Advanced $998 $887
Advanced Scheduler $199 $184
Desktop Multi-user
TotalMD Standard $1199 $997*
TotalMD Advanced $2499 $2297*
Advanced Scheduler $499 $447
Other Options
CPT & IDC-9 Codes $99 $87
Online Training
per hour
$99 $75
Annual Support $629 $587
*Seat license required
for multi-user systems

Be sure to review the system requirements before making a purchase.

FREE data conversion for Medisoft and Lytec users.

"TotalMD online is so convenient and easy to use. I like the way I can open lots of windows at once and post my EOBs automatically. I'm not very good with computers so I like the fact that I never have to worry about backing up my data."
Christina Santa Rosa, CA

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Not sure which version of TotalMD software is right for you? Review the list of features by version to help you decide. Also, if you complete the contact form below, we can make a recommendation based on your needs.

TotalMD Features by Version

Feature TotalMD
ICD10/ANSI Ready X X X
Report Designer X X X
Online Eligibility - - X
Telephone Support Purchase
first 30 days
no charge
first 30 days
no charge
Data conversion $999 free free
Employee Time Tracking X X X
Collections Integration - - X
Electronic/Paper Claims X X X
Deductible Tracking - X X
EOB Entry Features - X X
Automatic EOB Posting - - X
Insurance Aging - X X
Interactive Claim Preview - X X
UB04 Capable - - X
Line Item Accounting X X X
Patient Dashboard - - X
Remainder Balance X X X
Patient Statements X X X
Patient Aging X X X
Patient Ledger X X X
Claim & Statement History X X X
Sales Tax - - X
Line Item Notes - - X
Ledger Filter Options - - X
View Last Payment - - X
Balance by Responsible Party - X X
Patient Family Balances - X X
Security - - X
Prescription Writing - - X

Great Company, Great Technical Support

One of the outstanding benefits of using TotalMD is their exceptional telephone technical support. There are no long hold times or runarounds. The few problems we encounter are resolved quickly. The staff is very energetic and eager to please. They are always striving to make the product better. And, when you order the software, you receive a manual. What a concept!

Special Offer! Purchase TotalMD Essentials and receive a free ebook. A $49 savings!

Starting a Medical Billing Service? TotalMD Essentials is a great way to get started and AS A BONUS you will receive a FREE Medical Billing Starter Kit. (includes templates and sample marketing material) Act now and save $49

TotalMD Essentials PLUS
Medical Billing Starter Kit (includes templates & marketing material)
Reg price: $199.00
Introductory offer: $184.00
plus shipping

Integration with other Software Partners

Electronic Health Records


Certified and affordable Praxis® Electronic Medical Records is the only template-free EMR/EHR. Templates are cumbersome and slow you down. Instead, Praxis EMR learns the way YOU practice medicine to speed-up patient documentation and progressively improve your charting. The more you use Praxis, the smarter it becomes, increasing the quality and consistency of your practice. Praxis EMR is rated #1 in Medical Quality by physician-users nationwide.

Spring Charts

SpringCharts is an intuitive Electronic Health Records (EHR) system designed to improve patient care and increase efficiency in ambulatory medical practices. It is highly functional, very easy to use and enables rapid and complete documentation with a minimum of cost and disruption. Now in its eleventh year of development, and in use by physicians in a variety of medical specialties, SpringCharts is the complete EHR Solution for your Practice.

Electronic Claims and Statements

TotalMD provides seamless integration with partners: Gateway, Apex, and Availity clearinghouses and BillFlash for electronic statements. TotalMD also provides claim export capability to many other clearinghouses as well.

Credit Card Processing

Eliminate duplicate data entry and potential errors by processing your patient credit card payments from within TotalMD. With X-Charge, you can seamlessly process credit, debit, check and gift card transactions or use Intuit Payment Solutions to process your credit and debit transactions.

Collections Processing

TotalMD offers integrated collections processing with Transworld Systems. Upload collections data directly from TotalMD for collections processing. Transworld Systems is redefining the collection agency industry by providing healthcare organizations better tools to manage their accounts receivable. Our internal recovery system is based on a flat-fee of less than $14 per account, regardless of balance submitted, with any calls and all payments going directly to the practice. Our partnership with TotalMD will help practices to streamline their accounts receivable and increase cash flow and reduce overhead costs.

Software Return Policy

All sales are final and no refunds will be issued. We will replace defective products free of charge. A defective product is defined as a damaged CD, diskette or manual. QuickStart Software Service makes no warrantees as to the feasibility of any product to a specific application. Please evaluate the software before your purchase by reading product details, checking system requirements and downloading free demos. Consult with experts before you purchase. Pre-sales consultation is free.

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Watch this youtube video to see how well TotalMD stacks up to Medisoft.

Order TotalMD Essentials

Retail Price: $199.00
Discount Price: $184.00
plus shipping

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Retail Price: $499.00
Discount Price: $447.00
plus shipping

Receive a FREE ebook with either purchase

Medical Billing Starter Kit
(templates & marketing material included)
Save $49

We know it's great software, but don't take our word for it. Take a test drive. Download TotalMD today!

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TotalMD is available online! No servers or backups to worry about. Simply complete the sign-up form to get started. ASP totalMD

Gateway EDI has seamless integration with totalMD and extra features that will save you time.

Gateway EDI

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