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If you find yourself reaching for your coding books several times a day, then medical coding software may be a great asset to your practice or billing service. I predict that these automated coding tools will become more widely used as we move closer to adopting ICD-10 code sets.

What exactly is medical coding software? It is a software tool that provides an automatic search lookup of CPT®, ICD-9-CM, and HCPCS codes. Some of the features available include lookup of codes using common terms, acronyms, or abbreviations. More advanced features include editing to ensure proper unbundling, correct modifiers, and complete diagnosis. You can also check codes for Medicare LCD (local coverage determinations) and medical necessity.

Medical coding software is available by several methods. Some medical coding tools are imbedded in practice management software or purchased as a separate piece of desktop software. Other coding tools are available as an online service. All types offer updates on a quarterly or annual basis.

While medical coding software is a powerful tool, it is no substitute for coding education, training, and experience. You can use software to look up a procedure or diagnosis codes but that won't do you any good without understanding the medical terminology.

For a small practice with a low volume of billing, the cost of medical coding software may not justify it's use. For a more complex practice with high volume, it may be a great choice. Another consideration is how well do your providers know how to code?

All the features described above are great but the most important is ease of use.

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I don't like it. In the search box if you type in a key word for a diganosis it bring us every ICD-9 and CPT code that has anything to do with that key …

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