Chemical Dependency Facility Billing

We offer medical billing services for chemical dependency facility billing. If you wish to handle your own billing, we also provide setup and training on the software systems described on this page. We have tailored them for inpatient recovery centers, outpatient mental health facilities, and methadone clinics that bill on a UB-04.


  • TotalMD, available online or for the desktop, is a no frills, low cost solution for chemical dependency facility or outpatient mental health facilities that bill on a UB-04 and/or CMS-1500. TotalMD does not include all the extras like our second choice, AdvancedMD. but it is perfectly adequate for the smaller facility that wants to keep overhead low. We use it for our clients that simply want billing services and have no interest in an integrated solution for their staff.

  • UB-04 claims can be sent electronically using a print image. We find this method to be sufficient since the data requirements for chemical dependency billing are simple and straightforward.

  • TotalMD includes a scheduler that offers integrated insurance eligibility using Gateway.

  • TotalMD generates statements and all the reports you need for a chemical dependency facility.

TotalMD's online version offers a per user pricing model which is a boon for medical billing services and practices with limited income that simply can’t justify the higher cost of the per provider monthly fee. Using TotalMD Online, they can finally afford to move from desktop software to online application with all the convenience it offers. No extra hardware costs or backups to worry about.

We offer TotalMD online at a discount. Simply click on the TotalMD link and complete the signup form. Remember that the pricing is per user. You can have as many databases as you like.


  • The AdvancedMD web-based subscription solution is also well suited for chemical dependency and mental health facilities that wish to have their entire staff have access to the extra features it offers. Typically, this type of facility has one billing provider which makes it cost effective. One of our client pays a relatively small monthly fee for 12 employees to access their system at two locations. Web-based systems have the added benefit of reducing hardware costs because there are no servers or backups to deal with. If you are concerned about having a copy of your data, AdvancedMD offers a utility to create a local backup.

  • Confidentiality is a major concern for chemical dependency facilities and mental health clinics in general. AdvancedMD has the same security used by banks and internal controls to restrict user access.

  • Our client had been losing money because insurance authorizations, tracked manually on paper, were falling through the cracks. The referral feature and task manager eliminate paper, improve documentation, and help the staff to schedule clinical follow-up calls for additional authorizations. The date and time stamped documentation of phone calls enables us to clarify authorizations thereby limiting appeals. Take a look at this sample authorization note.

  • Inpatient and outpatient UB-04 claims are electronically billed for most carriers like MHN, UBH, Magellan, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, etc.

  • Included in the system at no extra fee, are charting features sufficient to meet daily clinical progress note requirements. This progress note sample is date/user stamped, “locked down” 24 hours after entry, and can be reviewed by management staff to ensure charting compliance. Notes are easily retrieved for appeals or audits.

  • We use the patient scheduler as an audit tool to ensure that claims are billed timely and none are missed. After our client implemented this system, we captured all billing within a day after discharge instead of a week or two later.

  • Chemical dependency billing is very paper intensive which is why we take advantage of document scanning and Microsoft Word mail merge features to eliminate paper and minimize filing which saves staff time. Forms and insurance follow-up letters are stored and retrieved electronically eliminating the need to pull paper charts. This Discharge Summary demonstrates how you can minimize typing through the use of mail merge fields.

  • AdvancedMD offers built-in insurance eligibility verification. We realize that substance abuse benefits are complex and that telephone verification can never be eliminated. However, automated eligibility is helpful to corroborate benefit details which are so easily misquoted by insurance carriers.

Both these products are good solutions for chemical dependency billing and outpatient clinics. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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