Medical Billing Training

This article provides you with tips on how to get your medical billing training in the most practical and cost effective ways.

Comprehensive training is the key to success for anyone working in a medical practice or billing service.

For the purpose of this discussion, I am referring to training on the software that you will use to actually do the job of medical billing. If you are in the position to be choosing the software you will use, be sure to check out the medical billing software link and also download 10 Tips To Buying Software.

Obviously, there are lots of medical billing software packages to choose from but the functionality is basically the same from one application to another. For this reason, experienced billers typically need less medical billing training than novices.

Here are a few hints to follow:

Tip #1 Don't skimp on training.

Imagine that you are doing the billing for a practice that has just purchased new medical billing software. The practice runs on a tight budget and relies on your medical billing collection efforts to cover the office payroll and overhead costs. Imagine further that all your electronic claims are being rejected because your NPI number is not appearing properly.

Sound stressful?.... It is.

Situations like this usually occur because of inadequate medical billing training. Hardware and software purchases take a big bite out of a medical office or billing service budget and there is a tendency to skimp on training to save money. This is a big mistake.

Adequate training actually saves you money. If you work as a biller in a medical office, insist on having proper training. In the end, it will save you and the practice a LOT of grief.

Tip #2 Download a demonstration copy of your software and take a test drive.

Some medical billing software vendors have sample versions that you can download from the internet and use for a limited trial period. This gives you a good head start to familiarize yourself with menus and screen navigation. You can probably train yourself on simple processes which can save you time and money.

Tip #3 Use online training videos, free youtube videos and manuals where available.

Online training videos give you a head start learning the basic functionality of your software. Your software trainer can then fill in the gaps and explain the nuances of the program. This can save you money because it reduces the number of hours you will need to master your program. Online videos are also helpful because they can be used to train new staff members of your practice or billing service.

Training manuals are also very helpful in giving you a grasp of the essentials. You can use a manual to supplement your medical billing training and use your paid training hours to ask questions on what you have already learned.

Tip #4 Obtain training on an as needed basis.

Some software vendors provide day long medical billing training sessions. I don't recommend this because it is not cost effective. People tend to forget a process they have learned if it is not put into use immediately and done repetitively.

For example, if you are not ready to send patient statements, it doesn't make sense to be trained on that function. People learn software functions best when they are done in "real time" using actual data. Medical billing training that is done in a "hands on" real world manner is much more successful and less repetitious thus saving you time, money, and frustration.

Tip #5 If you are computer challenged, take a course to improve your technical skills.

It is very helpful to know your way around computers before beginning your education. You should know how to copy and paste files, differentiate file types, understand keyboard commands, Windows basics, sending emails, and just feel comfortable using a computer.

There are lots of short classes you can take to improve your computer skills. Check with a computer training center or local community college to find out what classes are available.

No matter what software you use, these tips should give you an advantage in the training process. Be sure to ask questions and get all the facts before spending your money on software and training.

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