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How It Can Help Your Practice

The RelayHealth secure online messaging service is a convenient way for your practice to handle simple, nonurgent questions and routine service requests. Users of Medisoft and Lytec practice management systems will enjoy seamless data integration with RelayHealth.

The service helps minimize work interruptions by allowing patients to request prescription refills and renewals, schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments, access lab results, and ask insurance and billing questions—all online.

The system is easy to implement. You invite your patients to join the service via e-mail. Your patient logs onto your secure service and enters demographic information, pharmacy, and health questionaire. That's all there is to it.

Automatic message routing ensures that the right messages are delivered to the right staff member in the practice. To make it quick and easy to respond to online messages, the messaging service provides predefined, template answers and enables users to create their own reusable templates suited to their practice’s unique needs.

While the messaging service helps medical practices communicate more quickly and effectively, patients benefit, too. Providing greater convenience improves customer service and translates into better care in the eyes of your patients.

webVisit combines the advantages of an office visit with the convenience of online communication for non-urgent or chronic medical problems. By shifting nonurgent matters online, you can provide better structure to your workload and focus resources on the most urgent patient needs.

The secure webVisit consultation guides patients through an interactive symptom or condition-based questionnaire. webVisit then constructs and sends a succinct, structured message to the doctor based on the answers provided. It’s a quick, convenient, and effective way for patients to report their non-urgent symptoms, and enables physicians to deliver a fast, informed response.

webVisit includes an integrated—and optional—charging module that enables you to assign fees for medical services rendered online. A growing number of health plans reimburse for RelayHealth webVisit consultations.

eScript is one of the healthcare industry’s leading e-prescribing solutions. It enables your practice to manage prescriptions electronically using computer to computer transmission between your office and the pharmacy thus substantially reducing phone calls and faxes to your office.

eScript manages new prescriptions and renewals, and involves the patient in the prescribing process for greater patient satisfaction. Writing electronic prescriptions with eScript is easy, safe and secure.

Prescriptions route immediately to the patient’s pharmacy of choice—either retail or mail order. Alternately, you can send the prescription securely and electronically to your patient, who then forwards the prescription to the pharmacy. Either way, your practice enjoys significant time savings.

eScript also reduces potential errors due to misread prescriptions and improves patient safety through automatic interaction checking against personal health records. For renewals, patients and local retail pharmacies submit prescription renewal requests online. You then approve (or deny) the renewal request with a single click.

RelayHealth is a real time saver for any busy practice. Start off with eScripts and take advantage of the 2% bonus reimbursement from Medicare. You can add the messaging or webVisits services later if you like. eScripts training takes about an hour, it's that simple.

Contact us for more information about RelayHealth services. Let us take your eScript order and we will give you one hour of training free!

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